Choose from the large selection pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, slider, responsive image gallery with, parallax scrolling, sticky header and more.

Choose from the large selection pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, slider, responsive image gallery with, parallax scrolling, sticky header and more.

Choose from the large selection pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, slider, responsive image gallery with, parallax scrolling, sticky header and more.

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No special actions required, all sites you make with Mobirise are mobile-friendly. You don't have to create a special mobile version of your site, it will adapt automagically.

No special actions required, all sites you make with Mobirise are mobile-friendly. You don't have to create a special mobile version of your site, it will adapt automagically.

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Cut down the development time with drag-and-drop website builder. Drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

Cut down the development time with drag-and-drop website builder. Drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

Choose from the large selection pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, slider, responsive image gallery with, parallax scrolling, sticky header and more.

Choose from the large selection pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, slider, responsive image gallery with, parallax scrolling, sticky header and more.

Choose from the large selection pre-made blocks - full-screen intro, bootstrap carousel, slider, responsive image gallery with, parallax scrolling, sticky header and more.

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Obstetric and Gyneacology

To be the center of excellence in the delivery of health care and human resource development
through the most prudent, cost effective use of available resources 

to provide a comprehensive range of secondary level high quality inpatient and outpatient
healthcare services to the People Of Eastern Region and beyond in a client  friendly atmosphere
by motivated,competent And contended staff, in a well maintained Hospital Infrastructure

• Outpatient and Emergency Obstetrics and Gynecological services
• FOCUSED Antenatal care and Postnatal Services
• Family planning Services including vasectomy for men
• Obstetric and Gynecological Surgeries to members of the community and surrounding regions of Ghana.

The department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is headed by Dr. Kwame Anim-Boamah(FWACS).
The Department of obstetrics and gynecology providescomprehensive  women’s health
services to a diverse population, including a large percentage of patients who are insured and Uninsured. As the health care environment evolves and changes, we continue to grow and learn, further develop our skills and expertise, invest in the development of newmodels of care and 
promote teaching and learning. The department has maintained an unwaveringdedication to
quality clinical care, research, education, leadership and excellence.

The department serves as a training center for house-officers and residents in obstetrics and
gynecology of the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons.

● Mondays
Weekly obstetric quality improvement meeting, Elective Gynecological & Obstetric surgeries 
OPD(Gynecological clinic, Antenatal Care & Family Planning Services. ) 

● Tuesdays
General ward rounds and OPD

● Wednesdays
Elective obstetric surgery and OPD

● Thursdays
Weekly Academic Seminar and OPD

● Fridays
Elective Gynecological & Obstetric surgeries, OPD, Mortality Meeting(MM), Clinico-pathological meeting (2 wks after MM)

Radio programs to educate the public on services provided at the unit and general women's health

We look to the future with excitement as we continue to improve the lives of women in our community and to serve as a model nationally.

Internal Medicine

Under construction


To develop the Department of Pediatrics (Kids OPD, Kids ward and NICU) into a modern unit of best practices in child health care provision in the Eastern Region and beyond. 

To provide comprehensive and good quality in-patient health care services to the children of the Eastern Region and beyond in a friendly atmosphere by motivated and competent staff in well maintained hospital infrastructure. 

 24/7 OPD and emergency services and Inpatient care  
 Specialized clinics
● Preterm clinics on tuesdays
● Sickle cell abd IMC clinis on wednesdays
● Asthma and neurology clinics on thursdays
● Neonatal intensive care
● Nutritional rehabilitation

The Pediatric Department of the Regional Hospital Koforidua is sparing no effort in its drive to make every baby count. The introduction of KMC (Kangaroo mother care) clinics to follow up pre-term babies on OPD basis after discharge is aimed at improving survival of pre-term babies and is an  
innovation in the region. Weekly obstetric and newborn quality improvement meetings held together with the department of obstetrics and gynecology seeks to improve the standard of care and improve pregnancy and birth outcomes. 

We educate the general public on a wide range of issues bothering on child health through radio programs. Such education is also offered on the ward to parents who have their children on admission as well as at the OPD on a daily basis


The Department of Surgery was one of the early departments established in Eastern Regional Hospital, Koforidua  to provide surgery services to patients. At present it is one of the largest and most functioning department in the Hospital with bed capacity of sixty six (66). It is one of the leading Surgery Departments in  Ghana. The department of surgery is particularly well-suited to succeed in the modern health care environment. It performs both major and minor surgeries for  which such surgeries are carried out in a sterile environment. 

The department provide theater services for surgical cases to all categories of person without any discrimination in the area of:
● Paediatric surgery
● General surge etc.

The department has male and female wards which houses in-patients. The department has a multispecialty Surgical Team (MST) and boast of some of the best Surgeons available in the
country and beyond. The MST includes Physicians, Anesthesiologists, Nurses and other health professionals who work together to deliver expert, professionalized care in a comfortable
environment that promotes patients health and recovery. Collaborations among our staff result
in  cutting-edge care delivery to our patients. Our commitment to quality and the most advanced treatments encourages us to incorporate promising new therapies  combined with the highest standard of care. The department conducts in-service training for all categories of staff. A weekly scientific meeting is used to address  any lapses in patient care and educate medical staff about current trends in patient management.The department has protocols for the management of common conditions and emergencies. ERHK puts the latest medical technologies in the hands of highly trained, board-certified Surgeons and offers a wide range of  in-patient and out-patient procedures. When you need surgery, you can trust the innovative and experienced Surgeons and Clinical Staff at ERHK to deliver  top quality, compassionate surgical care. 

Nursing Administration

Nursing administration is the department responsible for managing nurses within their unit or department. The department ensures proper coordination among nursing staff and patient care.
The department sees to the allocation of proper resources and regularly assessing whether or
not the nursing staff are meeting quality assurance standards. The department also plans the
staffing schedules for nurses. The department can boast of a number of heads who carry out their duties professionally to ensure effective and  efficient nursing activities. Currently the department
is headed by Mrs. Gladys Ampomah-Ababio (DDNS). The department is made up of professionals who are  knowledgeable in leadership practices as they relate to the nursing profession.
The leadership of the department supervises nursing staff, establishes work schedules, maintains medical supply inventories, and manages resources to ensure high quality patient care.
The caring hands of Florence Nightingale with  the compassion of our Lord Jesus is still at work.  
(Matthew 14:14)  

● Coordinating nursing activities
● Provision of nursing care
● Staff appraisal
● Orientation for new staff
● Preparation of duty roster for night superintendents and staff duties
● Student orientation and teaching
● Compilation of quarterly, half year and annual report
● Problem solving
● organizing and facilitating training of staff
● Staff counseling
● Monitoring leave roster for nurse

To assist the individual sick or well, in the performance of those activities contributing to health
or its recovery (or to a peaceful death) that he would perform unaided if he  had the necessary strength, will or knowledge. (Definition of nursing by Virginia Henderson which we still believe
and practice) 

Distribution of well disciplined and skilled nurses/midwives to give quality nursing/midwifery care through teamwork, adhering to medical/professional protocols working  with the fear of God with commitment and compassion.  

● Equitable distribution of nurses/midwives
● Curative care
● Preventive care
● Health education/counseling  
● Staff welfare
● Ward rounds
● Supervision of nursing care
● Solving nursing problems
● Coordinating nursing care
● Organizing and attending meetings
● Counseling staff
● Student and nurses supervision
● Office work
● Visiting sick staff on admission
● Preaching on PA System
● Praying with clients on PA System
● Counseling of clients

The KRH nurse must:
● Use the knowledge acquired in the principles of homeostasis to meet patient’s needs. 
 Use the nursing process as a professional tool for meeting the total health needs of patients,         families and communities.  
 Perform professional functions efficiently as a member of the health team. 
 Develop skills and abilities to imparting knowledge and principles of health to nurses, student       nurses and patients. 
 Contribute to and promote primary health service in the community, recognize, manage and refer     clients/patients where necessary. 
 Collaboration with diabetic clinic and the public health unit to carry out diagnosis, plan, implement,     evaluate and come out with programmes towards  
    preventive, promotive and rehabilitative services.
 Plan and carry out health education based on identified health needs of the community. 
 Exhibit administrative and leadership capabilities in managing health care units within the     framework of national health facilities.  
 Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for professional actions. 
 Demonstrate commitment to the nursing profession, exhibiting an ever-increasing interest and     enthusiasm for the nursing profession.  
 Assist in generating knowledge through research and making use of evidence-based research     findings.  
 Demonstrate understanding of national health policies and their relevance to nursing. 
 Demonstrate ability for life-long learning within a changing society.  

Deputy Director of Nursing Services5
General Nursing120
Enrolled Nursess87
Psychiatric Nurses16
Community Health Nurses6
Ear, Nose and Throat Nurses7
C0mmunity Health Nurses5
Ophthalmic Nurses5
Critical Care Nurse1
Pediatric Nurses1
Operative Nurses1
Public Health Nurses1
Casualty Ward 20
Male Medical Ward34
Female Medical Ward42
Male Surgical Ward48
Female Surgical Ward18
Kids Medical Ward42
Gynaec Ward54
Lying-In Ward38
Intensive Care Unit6
Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit30
Mental Health Unit20
DDNS Gladys Ampomah-Ababio2017 - 
DDNS  Linda Ayertey2010 - 2017
DDNS Sheilla Sarpei2005 - 2009
DDNS Dorothea2002 - 2004
Sister Rosemond Asante2002
Matron Beatrice Duah-
Matron Bertha Ameyaw-
Matron Owusu Afram-
Matron Marfo-
Matron Swatson1971


The Department of Dentistry provides a wide range of services to our clients. The dental clinic consists of two surgeries and dental laboratory. Our staff includes Dental Surgeons, Physician Assistants, Dental Surgery Assistants and Dental Laboratory technologist who help run the activities of the clinic. 
● Non-Surgical and Surgical extractions
● Scaling and Polishing
● Dental Filling
● Amalgams
    Glass Ionomer
● Dental Prosthetics
    Dentures (Complete and Partial)
● Inter Maxillary Fixations
● Incision and Drainage of Abscesses and many others.

● Monday  - Ward Rounds / OPD
● Tuesday -     Ward Rounds /OPD
● Wednesday -     Weekly Academic Presentation / Ward Rounds / OPD
● Thursday -     Ward Rounds / OPD
● Friday -    Ward Rounds / OPD / Mortality Meeting / Clinico-Pathological Meeting

We organize outreach programmes to various schools within the district to create awareness and sensitize the individuals on dental disorders and how to keep a good oral hygiene. Referrals to clinics are given to individuals who may need further treatment in the clinic. 

We organize daily oral health talk at the dental OPD as well as other OPDs in the hospital. We also do radio programmes whenever we are called upon to.

Ear, Nose and Throat

The department of Otorhinolaryngology (E.N.T) at the Eastern Regional Hospital, Koforidua provides a full range of medical and surgical services to Pediatric and adult patients. The department is committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered care for both Adults and Children.
The otolaryngology team delivers  comprehensive evaluation and treatment for all types of ear, nose, and throat problems and provides advanced, personalized care for medical concerns involving  
any part of the Ears, Nose or Throat.

Is to establish a Department capable of handling all E.N.T. Disorders in the Eastern Region of Ghana

To establish a modern E.N.T. Unit in the Eastern Regional Hospital, coordinating with the District Hospitals for better and improved health care.

● Daily Out Patient Department Care, (i.e. Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment of E.N.T. Disorders.).
● Minor O.P.D. Procedures.
● Daily Ear (Aural) syringing.
● Daily Health Education Talks.
● Emergency & Elective Treatment of E.N.T. Disorders.
● 24 / 7 Emergency services

The department believes that every person deserves access to high-quality, and compassionate care. Therefore, we participate in a variety of outreach activities to Schools
and towns within the districts  to create awareness, sensitize the populace on E.N.T. Disorders as well as manage E.N.T. Condition Come see us for better evaluation and
treatment of  all types of E.N.T  problems/disorders.


Be the center of excellence in delivering total eye care for all and spreading knowledge through education and training or alleviating visual morbidity.

To provide total eye care solutions of highest standards to all sections of community through a team of competent, committed and compassionate professionals in  patient’s friendly environment. 

● Monday
● Tuesday
● Thursday
● Friday

● Theatre and Low Vision Assess

 Ophthalmologist - 1 (National Eye Care Coordinator)
 Optometrist - 2
 Ophthalmic Nurses - 6
 Opticians - 4
 Orderly - 1


The Pharmacy Department aims at ensuring that all our clients receive the highest pharmaceutical care and this is in line with the mission of the  Regional Hospital Koforidua, which seeks to provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient healthcare services of high  quality to our clients. It is the priority of the  department to provide clinical services such as comprehensive prescription services including compounding extemporaneous preparations, patient’s education and  medication teaching, patient’s counseling as well as provide drug information support for care providers and other health professionals within the hospital.
The department oversees medication procurement, storage and utilization within the hospital.. The Pharmacy‘s Clinical team works with the Drug and Therapeutic Committee to ensure positive clinical outcomes of all drug therapies within the Facility. The Department consists of Pharmacists, Dispensing technicians and other technical and support staff who work togetheras a team ensuring that clients’ satisfaction comes first. 

The department has developed over the years and has opened a number of outlets to ensure quality Pharmaceutical. Services are brought to the doorstep of our patients.

These are:
● Female Medical Pharmacy which sees to the Medical and Surgical wards.
● Obstetrics and Gynecology Pharmacy which sees to the Labour. Lying-in and Prenatal Gynecology     Wards.
● The Kid’s Ward Pharmacy which provides pediatric pharmaceutical services.
● Casualty Ward Pharmacy is equipped to provide emergency services to our in-patients. There are     also the Pharmacy units which provide specialized services to the various specialist clinics run in     the hospital. 
● There is the Diabetic Clinic Pharmacy which serves our diabetic and hypertensive patients.  This unit     also sees to Antenatal Clinic patients.
● Ear/Nose and Throat (ENT/EYE) Pharmacy which provides pharmaceutical services to our ENT     clinic patients as well as clients who visit  the eye clinic.
● The department provides medications and special services to patients who visit the Anti-retroviral     Therapy Clinic as well as the Tuberculosis (TB)  patients at the directly Obverse Therapy (DOT)     center. 
● The department also provides pharmaceutical services to the newly opened Neonatal and Adult     Intensive Care Units ensuring  emergency stock  never run out.
● There are the Outpatient Department (OPD) services where the Main Adult and Kid’s OPD     Pharmacies are responsible  for dispensing  medications daily to an average outpatient population     of 400 patients.  The OPD Pharmacy runs 24 hours a day and seven days a week.  Its dedicated     staff works round the clock ensuring that all medication-related issues which approach them are     sorted any time of the day. 


RHK’s Imaging and Diagnostic department is a state of art, full service, multi-modality imaging department providing essential medical and diagnostic imaging information support to aid diagnosis and treatment of clients. Our Radiographers and technical support staff, provide professional, individualized care to each of  our  clients. They are available around the clock and are actively involved in your care while you are at the hospital. It is the team’s pride to deliver the highest  quality client  care with cutting edge technology and expertise in  all areas of imaging. To this end a combination of Ultrasound, Conventional Radiography, Computed  Tomography (CT) and Mammography or each on its own is used in a number of  settings which  include: 

1.  Breast imaging/assessment to diagnose any suspected mass lesion
2.  Visualization of the morphology of pelvic organs including the ovaries and fallopian tubes
3.  Use probe palpation to identify source of pain and to assess mobility of pelvic organs
4.  Define the status of ovulation and identify pregnancy
5.  Identify cause of abnormal bleeding
6.  Assess amniotic fluid levels
7.  Confirm foetal age and estimated delivery date
8.  Identify foetal anomalies
9.  Determine location of placenta
10.  Identify foetal presentation
11.  Determine foetal heart rate
12.  Quantitative analysis of foetal blood vessels, maternal blood vessels and umbilical cord

1.  Visualization of the morphology of pelvic organs
2.  Assess the genitourinary system for lesions
3.  Assess the prostate volume for possible enlargement (BPH)

We provide diagnosis and assessment for emergency situations which include:
1. Rapid assessment of trauma and injury
2. Detection and assessment of abdominal aortic aneurysm
3. Visualization of abdominal fluid collections
4. Evaluation of pericardial or pleural effusions
5. Immediate assessment of pelvic pain and abnormal uterine bleeding
6. Rapid evaluation of acute abdominal pain (kidney, cholelithiasis)
7. Emergency obstetric exams (foetal viability)


The Regional Hospital, Koforidua is legally identified by Section 22 of the Ghana Health Service and Teaching Hospitals Act, 1996 (act 525). The Regional Hospital Laboratory Koforidua (RHLK) is a component of the Regional Hospital Koforidua and falls under the clinical division of the above act. The Laboratory is an  internationally assessed Laboratory and awarded by African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) as FOUR stars Laboratory using the WHO-AFRO SLIPTA  checklist.
The RHLK and its staff are involved in Regional and National activities such as the investigations of cholera outbreak, malaria outreach training and  supporting supervision (OTSS), development of national guidelines and protocols, mentoring hospital labs in quality management systems, preparation and  administering of dried test specimen proficiency testing (DTS PT) panels etc.
As part of its achievements, the laboratory has received several visitors such as the US  
Ambassador to Ghana, the Director General of Ghana Health Services, the Country Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CDC Laboratory Advisor and many more.  

To become a center of excellence where well motivated staff work assiduously to ensure quality and reproducible test results, patient health care and optimumcustomer service in Ghana and beyond. 

The Regional Hospital Laboratory Department, Koforidua exist as an integral part of the health care team to provide quality laboratory services to our patients,physicians, nurses and allied health groups. We maintain our high standards by our participation in internal and external proficiency programs, and by complying with both local and international accreditation requirements.

1. To provide excellent Clinical Laboratory services essential for patient care with accurate, reliable,     and timely laboratory results and information
2. To emphasize service excellence coupled to technical expertise
3. To provide laboratory services in a professional, courteous, supportive and friendly manner.
4. To provide a safe workplace for our staff and promote continuing education and professional     development.

Team work, Professionalism, Quality Service, Friendliness, Timeliness, Patriotism and Honesty
Quality policy. To use the ISO 15189 to ensure accurate and timely examinations and services, and to continuously meet or exceed the stated expectations of our clients through day-to-day interactions

The laboratory is open during normal working hours, Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 5.00pm. Outside this period, the laboratory operates an emergency service to cater for urgent requests from clinicians. This special service is runsfor 24 hours a day; seven days a week. These activities include the provision of urgent blood Transfusion and  Haematology services and the processing of all urgent laboratory samples received outside normal working hours.

Laboratory advisory service
The Regional Hospital Laboratory, Koforidua’s services, including appropriate interpretation and advisory services are designed to meet the needs of patients and  all clinical personnel responsible for patient care. Advisory services are provided through the  
Laboratory Handbook for Clinicians and regular meetings held  between RHLK staff and other stakeholders in conferences, clinicopathological meetings, mortality meetings, seminars, trainings, workshops, and consultations.  Advisory services are also provided to external customers through the customer service delivery charter posted at the patient waiting area. Only laboratory  technical staff is eligible for providing advice on choice of examinations, the use of the services, repeat frequency, and required  type of sample,  interpretation of  results to clinicians but not to patients. The laboratory provides advisory services in:

1. Haematology
    A diagnostic haematology service is provided which includes:
    ●  Full blood counts                                                    
    ●  Blood film for malaria (quantification)         
    ● Sickling
    ● Hb electrophoresis      
    ● Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) examination
    ● ESR            
    ● Widal
    ● Blood clotting profile       
    ● Bleeding time test
    ● Blood film comments

2. Blood Bank
    The blood bank provides routine and emergency compatibility testing of red cells for both surgical     and medical patients. It also provides blood components for clinical indications. The following     services are also provided:
    ● Typing of blood
    ● Screening of blood (HIV I&II, Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus, Syphilis)
    ● Antibody identification,
    ● Compatibility testing,
    ● Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)
    ● Direct and indirect antiglobulin test.

3. Bacteriology
    The bacteriology unit examines a diverse range of specimens for bacterial, fungal, parasitic     infections and determines the sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics. The department provides a
    clinical service, which ensures that patients are treated in a timely and effective manner.
Specimens examined include:
    I. Urine and stool for culture,
    II. Sputum specimen for acid fast bacilli (AFB)
    III. TB Solid culture
    IV. Sputum culture,
    V. TB GeneXpert
    VI. PCR for Tuberculosis (TB)
    VII. Swabs, (Wound, ear, nasal, vaginal, throat, etc.)
    VIII. Ocular specimen, pus and exudates, semen, cerebro spinal fluid (CSF), fungal scrapping (skin),         pleural and other body fluids and blood cultures. Antibiotic profiles are provided, together with         clinical notes for organisms considered to be clinically significant

4.  Clinical Chemistry
     The clinical chemistry unit offers analysis of samples for:
      I. Renal function
      II. Liver function
      III. Cardiac enzymes
      IV. Lipid profile
      V. Glycated haemoglobin

5. Parasitology
    The parasitology unit offers:
    I. Skin snip 
    II. Routine urine examination 
    III. Routine stool examination 
    IV. H. Pylori 

6. Phlebotomy
    The phlebotomy unit operates a routine service from 7:00am to 6:00pm daily, taking blood samples     and any other laboratory specimen for diagnostic testing from both inpatients and outpatients.  
7. Serology (CD4, PCR)
    The serology unit runs samples for:
    I. CD4
    II. PCR on dried blood spot (DBS) for early infant diagnosis of HIV
    III. HIV viral load.

Public Health

Public Health is the science and art of preventing disease, promoting health and prolonging life through organized community effort. The Institutional Public Health Unit of the Eastern Regional Hospital, Koforidua serves as the appropriate unit to co-ordinate public health activities within the hospital and also serves as the link with Municipal, District and Regional Health Directorates for responses to be made.  

1. To strengthen surveillance of all health events in the hospital
2. To assist in the control and prevention of health events of public health importance in the hospital.
3. To facilitate the establishment of screening services for non-communicable diseases for staff and     the general public.
4. To strengthen the function linkage between the hospital, Municipal, Districts and the  Region.
5. To protect health and safety of staff, clients and communities.

The Public Health Unit is located within the hospital as one of the units under the direct supervision of the Medical Director. The Medical Director is the primary recipient of all reports from the Public Health Unit. The head of the unit have other staff of different expertise to support the execution of the mandate of the unit. The public health  unit always works closely with all units in the hospital. 

1. Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response
2. EPI ( Expanded Programme on Immunization  )
3. Nutrition
4. Child Health Services

1. Promote integration and co-ordination of public health activities within the hospital.
2. It serves as link between the Hospital, Municipal/Districts and the Regional health directorates for     responses to be made to foster continuity of care in the community at large. 
3. Coordinate public health programmes in the hospital
4. Provide daily BCG immunization and weekly child welfare services.
5. Provide health information to in-patients, out-patients, staff and the general public.
6. Review daily OPD consulting rooms and ward registers on diseases of public importance and take     action
7. Undertake surveillance activities.
8. Lead in outbreak investigations in the health facility.
9. Notification of cases to districts for follow-ups in the community.

1. Home Verification and contacts tracing of all Tuberculosis (TB) cases
2. Daily management and referral of TB cases at the DOT center
4. Conducting of monthly TB clinics for MDR cases from other districts
5. Management and rehabilitation of malnourished children ( CMAM )
6. Nutritional counseling for clients with diet related conditions

The Unit works from Monday – Friday between the hours of 7:00am to 5:30pm, but when there is  an outbreak of any disease, the unit provide 24hours services.  


The Herbal Medicine Department has been providing services at the Eastern Regional Hospital to patients/clients since 7th June, 2012 following the posting of two Medical Herbalists trained at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) namely; Philip Lartey and Diana Assan to the hospital by Ghana  Health Service (GHS) in collaboration with the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Directorate (TAMD) of the Ministry of Health. These two Medical Herbalists  
named above assumed duty at the hospital in February, 2012 and pioneered the establishment of the Herbal Department in the hospital.  

Currently, the Herbal Medicine Department has One (1) Senior Medical Herbalist (Philip Lartey) and One (1) Medical Herbalist (Irene Owusu Arhin) managing the
department and providing clinical services to patients/clients who seek healthcare at the Herbal Clinic.

● We undertake adult OPD consultation from Mondays to Fridays
● We treat/manage various disease conditions with certified herbal medicines
● We provide education on healthy lifestyles and disease prevention
● We assist clients to assess outcome of treatment with herbal medicines and facilitate early referrals     if need be.
● We provide education on rational use of herbal medicines
● We assist in the procurement of herbal medicines for the hospital
● We assist in clinical trials of herbal medicines

We embark on outreach programmes to churches and other organized groups to educate people on various disease conditions as well as on the rational use of herbal medicines and encourage them to seek herbal treatment at accredited Herbal Clinics such as that at the Eastern Regional Hospital, Koforidua.


Physiotherapy is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that re mediates impairments, manages pain and promotes mobility, function and quality of  life   through  examination, diagnosis, prognosis and physical interventions using mechanical force and movements.
The practice of physiotherapy sees full  physical  and functional movement at the core of what it means to be healthy.  The physiotherapy departments’ focus is to bring smiles back to our patients thus we use latest techniques in treatment as evidenced by  research such as manual therapy, PNF techniques, kinesiology taping, exercise therapy and electrotherapy. The Physiotherapy department of the Regional hospital Koforidua offers a personalized approach to rehabilitation spending time and all the care to ensure we meet  your recovery goals effectively and efficiently.  

To become a centre for development of quality improvement and clinical strategies in physiotherapy services in the Eastern Region and Ghana as a whole. We  will make your  road to recovery  as effective and short-termed as possible so that you can get back to your optimal well-being. 

The Physiotherapy department of the Eastern Regional Hospital – Koforidua is one of sixteen (16) projects of the Ghana–Netherlands Physiotherapy project in  the country. Like  any of the other fifteen (15) facilities, it was built and furnished by the Ghana–Netherlands Physiotherapy project, locally partnered by the Universal Hospitals Group. Though,  being the first to have its equipment shipped into the country, the Koforidua  project became the last to have its facility  erected. The present Head of Department in the person of  Mr. James A. AMIDU was the first Physiotherapist (PT) to be posted to the facility in March 2006. User training was organized by Universal Hospitals Group who also doubles  as the Ministry of Health licensed Technical Agent  for the routine Planned
PreventiveMaintenance (PPM). Work at the department commenced on the 20th March 2006. 

The RHK Physiotherapy department as stated earlier is one of the sixteen (16) in the country that benefitted from furnishing with ultra-modern. Physiotherapy equipment. In other words the facility houses ‘up-to-date’ modern machines capable of meeting your varied health needs.  
Universal Hospitals  Group is the Ministry of Health Authorized Technical Agents servicing our equipment bi-annually on Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) basis. It commenced this routine PPM servicing since March 2006 and has been regular and timely. 
The physiotherapy department runs physiotherapy Out-patient and In-patient Services. Our Paediatric services are on Mondays and Wednesdays for  conditions  such as Cerebral palsy, Brachial plexus injuries (Erbs’s palsy, Klumpke’s paralysis), Delayed developmental milestones, Spina bifida, Torticollis, Perthe’s disease, Arthrogryposis congenital amongst others. The physiotherapy out-patient department will help deal with Musculoskeletal Disorders including Back and Neck Pains, Sports Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Repetitive Strain Injuries (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Trigger Finger, Tennis Elbow Etc) and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation (Fractures, Hip and Knee Replacement).

Only Registered Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy Assistants provide treatments at the physiotherapy department. They are specialists trained in a variety of methods and  modalities that will reduce your pain while improving mobility and functionality.  
During your first visit, your physiotherapist will perform a broad and evidenced-based neuro- musculoskeletal assessment of your condition. Using a full range of traditional and advanced modalities,the physiotherapist will provide you with an individualized treatment plan that addresses your problems. Our team will utilize therapeutic exercise programs, soft tissue techniques, manual therapy and electrotherapy modalities (such as cold, heat,  ultrasound, electrical currents and other  
wave forms) designed to reduce pain, train endurance, improve strength and flexibility, improve joint range of motion, train balance and  coordination. We also teach our patients how to use prostheses and orthotic devices and also walking aids  (wheelchairs, canes, crutches and adaptive devices).…  

Services Run By The Department 
1. Pediatric Services
2. In- Patient Services
3. Out- patient Services
4. Fitness Training/couching  for Healthy individuals
4. Teaching/ Supervising Physiotherapy Students during Clinical Posting
5. Supervising Physiotherapy Interns
The following are a list of conditions managed and or treated by the Physiotherapist
Musculoskeletal Disorders
1. Post-surgical rehabilitation (i.e. hip or knee replacement)
2. Repetitive strain injuries (i.e. carpal tunnel, tennis elbow)
3. Motor vehicle accidents
4. Back and neck pain
5. Sport injuries
Neurological Disorders
1. Guillain-Barre syndrome
2. Peripheral nerve injuries
3. Multiple sclerosis
4. Stroke (Cerebro-Vascular Accident – CVA)
5 Spinal cord injury
6 Alzheimer’s disease
1. Cardiac rehabilitation
2. Post-surgical rehabilitation (i.e. cardiac, thoracic or abdominal)
3. Pneumonia
4. Cystic Fibrosis
5. Asthma
6. Chronic obstructive lung disease
1. Arthrogryposis congenital
2. Moebius syndrome
3. Delayed developmental milestones
4. Perthe’s disease
5. Torticollis
6. Cerebral palsy
7. Brachial plexus injuries (ie. Erbs palsy, klumpke’s paralysis)
8. Club foot
9. Spinal bifida
The PT
Performs a broad and evidenced-based neuro-musculoskeletal assessment of your condition and examines clients’ medical history, tests and measures the clients: Strength, range  of motion, balance, coordination, posture, muscle performance, motor function and  Respiration and then develops the patients plan describing a treatment strategy and targeted  outcome. The physiotherapist in training  
mobility, balance and coordination, teaches patients how to use prosthesis and orthotic devices including crutches, Zimmer  frames, wheelchairs among others for their  peculiar conditions. 


Ensuring quality mental health care for all persons commensurate with Ghana’s middle-income

To promote mental health, prevent mental illness and provide accessible, community-oriented, integrated, quality and culturally appropriate  mental health care to persons with mental illness. 

The mental health unit was set up in the hospital in the year 1979 and had since focused in clinical and outreach services including health education to communities.  It also serves as the main referral point for all mental health cases in the Eastern Region and beyond. 

1. 1. Community Mental Health Services 
2. Health education 
3. Home visit 
4. Outreach to prayer camps
5. Clinical Services
6. Out Patient services 
7. Impatient services 
8. Emergency Psychiatric services
9. Psychotherapy and Counseling – the Clinical Psychologist 
10. Religious services (Counseling ) -  the hospital Chaplain 
11. Crisis Intervention 
12. The ‘’Restoring Dignity Project’’.

MondaysOPD services
Home visit
Impatient care
TuesdaysOutreach to Prayer Camp
OPD services
Impatient care
WednesdaysSchool Health services
OPD services
Impatient care 
ThursdaysHome visit
Weekly Academic Seminar 
FridaysOPD services by Psychiatrist
Ward Rounds
Impatient care
Mortality meeting (MM)
Clinic-Pathological meeting (2 wks After MM)
Saturdays and SundaysImpatient care
Emergency OPD cases.


To reduce the incidence of malnutrition and non-communicable diseases among all persons in the New Juaben Municipality and the region as whole.

To improve the overall nutritional status and offer timely and appropriate dietary interventions of all people in the municipality and the region as a whole. 

To ensure optimal nutrition, health and quality of life for all people living in the municipality and the region throughout their life cycle.

● To provide up to date appropriate information on infant and child nutrition to care givers in order to     promote optimal growth of children.
● To detect, address early signs of growth, flattering and rehabilitation.
● To promote exclusive breastfeeding for the first six (6) months of life.
● To prevent and manage obesity and diet related non-communicable diseases (adults).
● To integrate essential nutrition actions into all activities at the local level.
● To provide nutritional services in all situations.
● To promote appropriate nutritionally adequate complementary foods for children 6 -24 months.

● Improving nutritional status of sick babies and children
● Child health education to guardians/mothers at OPD and at the kids ward
● Management and rehabilitation of malnourished children under the Community-Based Management     of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) Program.

● Growth monitoring and daily weighing of all children who visits the hospital

● Nutritional assessment, counselling and support for People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and Tuberculosis
● Nutritional Assessment at every stage of the life cycle:
     i. Anthropometry; weight, height, Body Mass Index, waist circumference, mid-upper arm                         circumference, etc.
     ii. Biochemical test
     iii. Clinical signs and symptoms 
     iv. Dietary Assessment

● Medical Nutrition Therapy of Chronic Conditions
● Dietary Guidance and Meal planning Assistance.
● Referrals to other services to support your dietary goals
● Nutritional Health talks
● Medical Outreaches 


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